Launched as an innovative money management tool in 2008, Virtual Wallet was due for a redesign. Since we had an established customer base, we were able to go out into the field and perform contexual inquiries to see how people were managing their money using our product. We had also received feedback over the years and were able to extract areas of confusion and pain points. We consolidated this initial research onto several boards of post-its that helped guide our brainstorming as we wanted to determine the best way to redesign the structure and tools to best facilitate the sense of control of one's finances.

Initial stages

We built a handful of different paper and interactive prototypes and ran them through rounds of usability testing to help steer us in the right direction. We didn't want to take away from the positives of banking with Virtual Wallet, but wanted to take the success stories that had been shared and have the influence the redesign so that others too would experience financial well-being.

Usability Testing

Overall, our strategy was to modernize the interface and simplify the architecture to match more the mental model people had when it came to their bank accounts. There was enough stress with money and we wanted to make banking easier. For example, we modified our Messages Bar into a To Do notification area to make it any immediate actions clearer. As we implemented the changes, our scores for our online banking experience increased and we heard how the redesigned experience was landing positively with customers.

Old Quick View

Redesign Quick View

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